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The Guatamala City Sinkhole
posted by MarcelG on 01/06/2010 at 16:58 .:. 5967 views .:. 14 replies.
I have to admit that at first I thought this was a "photoshopping gone bad", but it turns out it's actually true what you see here.... A huge 60 meter deep 'sinkhole' in Guatamala City that swallowed a three story building....
A sinkhole is a natural depression caused by the removal of underground soil by water. Usually, it happens when the substrate is formed by limestone, carbonate rock, salt beds or any other rock that is easily eroded by water streams.
The process could be slow, but sometimes the land just cracks open without notice. In this case, it happened suddenly, swallowing an entire three story building.
The cause: Massive underground water torrents created by tropical storm Agatha.
by HuwR 01/06/10 @ 20:18 Reply with Quote
by Yosh 01/06/10 @ 22:20 Reply with Quote
by PacificNorthWest 02/06/10 @ 16:30 Reply with Quote
I don't believe that for more than a second or two.
There's way to much symmetry for that to be a natural occurrence.
by MarcelG 02/06/10 @ 16:37 Reply with Quote
Rich....I really want to say you're right, but you're wrong. This actually is true.
In fact, it happens more often in the Gautamala region:
Third body pulled from giant sinkhole (2007)
Guatamala sinkhole kills two teens (2009)
Aftermath of Agatha (2010)
by boredcat 04/06/10 @ 14:25 Reply with Quote

Have a look at another sink hole (September 2009) in LA..

FYI : The Firetruck was salvaged..
by MarcelG 04/06/10 @ 15:44 Reply with Quote
Even worse ; the Lake Peigneur sinkhole, 20 November 1980.
by PacificNorthWest 16/06/10 @ 04:11 Reply with Quote
They're people from the future experimenting with worm hole time displacement travel that caused that Guatemala hole.
by HuwR 16/06/10 @ 09:24 Reply with Quote
You've been watching too much Fringe
by MarcelG 16/06/10 @ 11:04 Reply with Quote

Just a thought ; couldn't BP create a sinkhole to fix the oil spil? Okay, it would drain the oceans, but that also fixes the melting icebergs problem.
by HuwR 16/06/10 @ 11:39 Reply with Quote
sounds like a plan
by PacificNorthWest 17/06/10 @ 15:31 Reply with Quote
Well, they haven't drained the oceans yet (not BP) but it does explain the missing boats and aircraft in the Bermuda Triangle.
by PacificNorthWest 23/12/10 @ 05:05 Reply with Quote
And now they've found them on Mars:
by MarcelG 23/12/10 @ 14:12 Reply with Quote
That's a couple of impressive caves/pits. Wow. Imagine what's down those holes....Martian cavemen?
by PacificNorthWest 23/12/10 @ 15:32 Reply with Quote
. . .people from the future experimenting with worm hole time displacement travel. . .
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