Calling in

It’s been a while since I posted here. I’ve been long overdue with updating anything here.

Not that anyone reads this, but okay; let me live with the illusion that it actually makes a difference to someone when I post something here.

First off; I have given up on the HTTPS project for now. Oxle will remain to be an unencrypted site, for now. It might change in the future, but I’m not giving any priority to it.

Second; the last – say – 7 months have been quite a ride and at the same time a break. Mid 2016 a very dear friend of mine gave me the opportunity to get back to the professional workfloor, and allowed me to get from 5×2 hours a week up to 5×8 hours a week at an assignment with Philips Healthtech. While my work was strictly in IT before the CVA, focussing on what we geeks like to call ‘digital workplace’ and ‘application delivery’, this assignment at Philips in Best (NL) was nowhere near something like that. Instead it was about quality control and quality improvement in the manufacturing of high tech health equipment using statistical analysis.

Kai Zen

It was my first introduction to Kaizen, Six Sigma and Hoshin Kanri, and I have a learned a lot. My task wasn’t that hard or really difficult, as it more or less came down to putting data from one format into another format and preparing it for analysis using Minitab. However beyond that, I also grabbed the opportunity (very Kaizen) to attempt to improve the data collection and registration process. All of these areas where new to me; process analysis and improvement, statistical analysis, manufacturing processes, Kaizen, Lean. Very little of the things I was familiar with in the purely IT focussed environment I was used to.

The assignment at Philips gave me the challenge and the opportunity to get back to the rythm of the workfloor, to interact with other people and at the same time to challenge myself into learning something new. Well, I sure did and it was fantastic. I am grateful for the guidance, advise and opportunity given to me by Ralf, Mano and Wouter and for all the people at Philips Healthtech who accepted my quirks and ignorance during the months I was assigned there.


After reaching the full 40 hours a week and maintaining that for 4 weeks the assignment ended and early January I got back to Atos where I prepared myself for a new ‘real’ assignment for a customer or project. Well, that didn’t happen until April, but ofcourse I didn’t know that it would take that long.

To make good use of the momentum and to test the new me, I firmly grabbed every opportunity to learn and improve myself. Not just to evolve, but also to re-evaluate whether or not I still had the ability to learn and apply new abilities in my work.

At the end of February I took the TOGAF 9.1 course, and passed the exam ‘The Open Group TOGAF® 9.1 Combined (OG0-093-ESL)’ in the first week of March. Also I enlisted in the 4-month Atos internal ‘Masterclass Infrastructure Architecture’, which started on March 8th, enabling me to apply the TOGAF theory in practice. During this course, evolving around a faux customer that required an architecture study for their entire IT landscape, I was able to apply the skills and knowledge I had before the infarction, together with the newly aqcuired knowledge. The milestone was in July, at the final presentation of the architecture study. Together with fellow teammates Maurice and Willy I delived the study in a presentation to the board of the ‘customer’. There I was, less than 20 months after the CVA, able to present and to answer questions. Again confident in my own knowledge and my own skills. The new me, able to do what the old me was doing, and more.

Joris on my back at the Dreimühlen falls
At the Dreimühlen falls

Last month my wife, the kids and I went on a trip to Germany. With Joris, the youngest at nearly 2 years old, on my back, I climbed the narrow 25 meter tower of Kasselburg. The descent was the most challenging (anti-clockwise, required 100% of my right side), but I did it. With Joris on my back we hiked to the Dreimühlen falls and we had many more hikes in the area. I drove us there. I drove us back.

Yes, in certain areas the new me is not able. My handwriting is awful and a crowded environment for me equals auditory over-stimulation resulting in impaired speech and distorted motor skills on the right side. Packing the stuff for the trip to Germany is too much for me (sensory over-stimulation). But I’m back on track and that’s what counts.

Next year, we plan to go camping just as we did up until 2015. Bring it on!