HTTPS headaches

I’m trying to figure out what has to be done to get oxle and phomago to run on https instead of plain(text) old http.

Well, so far it hasn’t been working out that well. Hosting is done at Siteground, and they have Let’s Encrypt and stuff, however I have set the DNS to be handled at CloudFlare (seperate from the Siteground account, as I wasn’t using Siteground yey when I switched to CloudFlare for DNS).

Now, Sitegrounds Let’s Encrypt method seems to clash with CloudFlare Free (the plan I’m using there) and WordPress doesn’t seem to work well with that. Long story short: when I turn on https on WordPress, accessing the site seems to work, but entering the admin area of the site is broken. ‘Too many redirects’ it sais….

Well. Something I have to remedy, as I don’t believe http should be used anymore. Not just because Google is dropping non-encrypted content to the end of the results, or because Chrome and FireFox are issuing warnings to users accessing http sites with contact forms and such. But because I really think eavesdropping on my visitors should simply be made extremely difficult if not impossible. And no, there’s not much sensitive data on here, but it’s nobodies business what you are reading. Simple as that.

At least it’ll keep me busy for the next couple of days, that’s for sure. 😉

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