Bzzzzzk, that’s the sound I imagine a brain makes when it has a serious malfunction. Well, that’s exBzzzzkactly what happened to me last year.
At the end of 2015, the 20th of November to be exact, I suffered from a cerebral infarction (due to a partial dissection as a result of sneezing….yes, sneezing) which eradicated 75% of my cerebellum (also known as the small brains). I am lucky to be alive and extremely lucky to have recovered the way I already have done so far. I am certainly not the drooling pile of human flesh sitting in a wheelchair the doctors expected. I still have a lot of limitations due to the infarction; daily fatigue (not to be mixed up with the laziness I exhibited all my life), the motor skills on the right side are damaged (resulting in many difficulties writing, typing, drawing, walking, etc and my dancing skills certainly haven’t improved) plus a more slowly and sometimes slurred speech.
All very much posing a royal pain in the backside, but given the fact that I lost approximately 37,5% of all brain cells and connections this can be considered an extremely decent result.

However, due to this it was impossible for me to keep the site alive and it went into oblivion for little over 7 months. Using some partial backups I have managed to restore part of the contents but it is nowhere near what it was before. A relatively freshs start so to speak, with some old content to kick-start it.
Also my photography (at has come to a grinding halt. However I still have the hope to pick that up in the years to come. But until then, I no longer am an art photographer.
Now, in July 2016, the first step for me is reviving After this, Phomago might follow.

Details about what exactly happened will be posted in the future as I really feel the urge to share this (rather incoherent) story; every day there are numerous people who have this happen to them or to their loved ones.

With sharing this and future stories I hope to be able to provide some recognition and acknowledgement.