A short review of the ZNA30 clone from Gearbest

The original ZNA by Zen~
The original ZNA by Zen~

I’ve been a fan of regulated vaping for a while now. What is regulated vaping you say ? Oh, yes, perhaps an introduction is needed. Let’s do that first then here.
Done reading that? So, you now know what regulated vaping is?
Ok, great! Now on with this review.

As I said, I’ve been a fan of regulated vaping for a while now. Next to several mechanical mods I’ve had a Joyetech eVic, which didn’t do subohm coils and only went to 11 Watt, which I replaced with a clone of the Hana DNA30 mod. That one works relatively well, but the resistance metering is a bit off, and the DNA30 clone lacks step-down below 4V (as does the original DNA30 by the way). The lack of step-down is a huge drawback in my opinion. I also have an original Evolv Kick2 in one of my Nemesis mods, to vape my (homemade) menthol ejuice at a constant 11W. And now, since last Friday I have a ZNA30 clone. That’s what this review is about. This story continues here

What is regulated vaping?

regulations and rulesPeople who know me for a while know that I am a fan of regulated vaping. And no, regulated vaping is not vaping that has been regulated by our governments, not at all. In fact, I’m certainly not a fan of the way governments are trying to do that around the world and here in the Netherlands. But that’s a different story.

No, with regulated vaping I mean vaping using a device that regulates the power released by the battery. In the past, the battery in the device you were using provided (most likely) 4.2V when the battery was full, and while using it it emptied out until let’s say 3.3V. So, at start the clouds are big and hot while later on the clouds are a lot smaller and colder. This was not a very pleasant way of vaping, as the flavor is strongly affected by the voltage/power. To fix this, the voltage needed to be regulated to a constant level, and regulated mods were born.
At first they regulated only voltage; the Vision Spinner, Joyetech eGo Twist, the early Vamo’s, the Provari, the Dani, they all regulated the voltage to a constant level, and some did this better than others.
Since a while most devices regulate wattage (so that you don’t have to calculate Ohms’ Law and adjust the voltage all the time), which makes it easier to use heating coils of with different resistances throughout the day. The next step in this development have become the temperature controlled regulated devices, such as the Evolv DNA40 devices. This story continues here

Asshole car burglar

Yesterday morning we were woken by Ralph, one of our neighbors, at 6:45. foto 1
When he went to work, he saw that the side window of our 2003 Mitsubishi Spacestar was shattered.

Some asshole junky amateur burglar decided it was a good idea to pry open the door by putting a crowbar in between the window and the metal of the door…. Shattered glass all over the interior of our car was the result.

He searched our car for valuables it seems, couldn’t find any, and left.
Asshole burglar wrecked our car (2)

Amazing, as our 2 month old TomTom Go 5000 was in it – with all the accessories -, plus some CD’s, a perfectly okay 2012 car audio system and even some spare change for parking.

So, we didn’t lose anything, except for a day of work trying to sort out the trouble and the 150 euro policy excess.

Well, I hope he cut himself on the shattered glass. Asshole.