You’ve clicked the About link to find out more about Oxle. Well, to cut a long story short, Oxle has been my online platform and presence for the last – I don’t know – 12 years (?)

It isn’t much more than that; a place where I share my rambling, thoughts, ideas, frustrations and joys with the rest of the world when the 140 characters of Twitter do not suffice.


It started back in I think 2004 when I wanted a more international appearing name for my website to replace Opzolder.net. (Which in dutch means something like In the attic.net)

The dutch word oksel, which means armpit, could be written Oxle and provided me with a short, easy pronounceable and utterly meaningless name. The .NL and .COM versions were readily available so I registered them right away. The .NL is still in my posession but I am no longer using it.

At first Oxle was a forum running on Snitz Forums 2000, a currently pretty much ‘dead’ ASP forum which I customized to the fullest. Never a big success but it kept me busy with code and such. Starting in 2010 I guess I transformed the forum to more or less a blog/linkdump, where I kept sharing posts with the members of the forum and anyone that visited the website. Huge success, made a gazillion from it…..ahum.
In 2007 I also created a link-shrinking script with some help from the guys at Snitz, which ran at oxle.nl from 2008 until the end of 2015. My own bit.ly so to speak.

During 2014 I replaced the forum with a WordPress blog website – not the one you’re currently looking at by the way – and ‘froze’ the forums. I started sharing my thoughts, ramblings, ideas, photos and joys through the site.
Due to the brain infarction that happened to me at the end of 2015 it was impossible for me to keep the site alive and it went into oblivion for little over 7 months. Using some partial backups I have managed to restore part of the contents and the website. A relatively fresh start so to speak.